Professional Couples Counselling in Perth

Every couple has their issues; there is no such thing as a ‘perfect’ relationship. From minor conflicts relating to home cleaning duties, through to serious disagreements regarding fundamental life choices, it’s only natural to go through numerous ups and downs.

However, in some instances a couple may experience prolonged periods of hardship within their relationship. They may feel as though they are stuck and unable to move forward; small issues become major problems and the emotional state of both parties are affected.

If you feel that your relationship has stagnated – or serious issues have come to light without an end in sight – then relationship counselling may be required.

Who can benefit from relationship counselling?

There are many reasons why couples decide to attend counselling with a professional psychologist. I see many couples that suffer from a wide range of relationship issues; often, discussion via a mediator helps to provide clarity and guidance.

You and your partner may benefit from counselling if:

    • The same issues keep coming up repeatedly with no effective resolution.
    • Small agreements continuously escalate to become larger problems.
    • You have given up trying to communicate with one another.
    • You have lost sight of the hopes and dreams you once had together.
    • You are concerned that the next step is separation or divorce.


Are you looking for a couples’ counsellor?

Do you feel that your relationship has lost its spark? Are you tired of fighting over seemingly insignificant issues? If you want to find a way back to happier times, professional counselling could aid in improving communication between you and your partner – helping to reignite an emotionally mature, intimate and satisfying relationship.

If you are looking to undertake couples counselling in Perth, don’t hesitate to contact me today on 0427 804 505 to book your initial appointment.