Anger Management

Anger Management through hypnotherapy in Perth

Anger is a powerful emotion, and one that’s difficult to manage at the best of times. Stressful situations in the workplace, at home and in social situations can sometimes be unavoidable, and can trigger certain negative responses.

While anger can be natural reaction, for some it’s a lot more detrimental. People with serious anger issues will find their anger is hard to maintain, resulting in harmful responses. Letting your anger take control of you and your life can be incredibly dangerous.

Is anger affecting your quality of life?

If you’re unable to take control of your own emotions, it can inevitably lead to a stressful life. But it’s not only yourself that it can affect, it can damage your relationships too. For many individuals in high stress careers or even in difficult home environments, it can be hard to have control when anger takes over. This means you may be hurting people around you without even being aware, including friends, family and work colleagues.
Anger can also take a toll on your health. You may experience physical symptoms such as heart palpitation, an increase in blood pressure, headaches or fatigue. And it only takes one moment for these symptoms to turn serious.

What can you do?

If you find yourself struggling with uncontrollable angers, my anger management hypnotherapy may be able to help you find a measure of peace. My clients receive a treatment that revolves around a holistic approach, with hypnosis at the forefront. Hypnotherapy is an effective technique to help safely change the way you respond to negative stimuli. Located in West Leederville, close to the CBD, I am available for weekday services (as well as some after hour appointments if necessary).

If you’re concerned that anger may be affecting your life and relationships, contact me on 0427 804 505.

Information regarding fees can be found here, and health fund rebates may be available to you.