Compassionate Counselling Services in Perth, WA

My name is Mary-Anne Wallace and I am an experienced counselling psychologist available for appointments at consulting rooms located at 9 Rosslyn St in the near-city suburb of West Leederville. I am available for weekday counselling services, but try to be flexible with my appointment times, such that I allow for some sessions to occur after normal business hours.

As a well-qualified and experienced counselling psychologist, I incorporate a variety of approaches into my practice. For instance, I regularly utilise hypnosis* and find that clients enjoy this and will often choose to utilise a combination of counselling and hypnotherapy.


Depression Hypnotherapy Perth


The most important thing to know about depression is that it is not permanent.


Hypnotherapy Perth


Hypnosis treats psychological and physical problems by inducing a relaxed state referred to as a trance.

Are you searching for a qualified psychologist that specialises in hypnosis?

Hypnotherapy can help to treat psychological problems by sending the patient into a deeply relaxed state. Many psychologists have found that hypnosis can form an effective part of psychological treatment; I have found it particularly useful when integrated with other therapies to create a holistic treatment plan that is tailored to suit the individual.

Whatever your life stage or situation – be it pain, anger, illness, trauma, grief, relationship issues, stress at home or work, fear of change, desire for change, a wanting to move forward, or to improve your work or general life skills – I can create an individualised plan that helps to address these concerns.

Treatment via hypnosis and counselling

If you suffer from a mental illness, it’s important to remember that it isn’t permanent. Psychologists in WA such as myself can provide compassion and support via a range of counselling services, allowing you to make helpful life changes.

Information regarding my fees for treatment via depression hypnosis in the Perth CBD – as well as other treatment options – can be found here. Medicare and some health fund rebates may be available to you.

After viewing the website, you’re most welcome to contact me by phone or e-mail for further information or to arrange an appointment for depression hypnotherapy treatment or any kind of assistance you require.

If you are searching for compassionate psychologists in the Perth CBD, WA that specialises in depression hypnotherapy, don’t hesitate to call me today on 0427 804 505.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am uncomfortable talking to strangers ?

I often hear this, particularly from the fellas. Some people are not big talkers or are uncomfortable with the idea of having to sit opposite a stranger and open up about some very private matters…

Should my partner join us in counselling ?

Even if your partner does want to attend, I suggest that you come along on your own first. Sometimes, to provide a person time and space to discuss problems with an unbiased professional…

My partner is so dominating, will I get a chance to speak?

I have years of experience in dealing with all sorts of relationship dynamics and have the skills to support both persons during the session so that they can be heard equally.