Help with anger management in the Perth CBD

From a young age, I have been fascinated by people and how they relate to each other. Through observing the people around me I grew curious about why people behave the way they do. I came to recognise the importance of people being able to tell their story and experience “being heard” and this, along with my ability to ask the” difficult questions” fuelled my desire to pursue counselling via the study of Psychology.

Whilst I happily employ short-term counselling techniques with clients in order to provide anger management and other services, I am particularly passionate about medium to long-term therapy. This allows the clients to work at their own pace and enjoy the experience of having a safe place to explore their environment and learn new ways of being in the world and relating to others, through anger management and many other techniques.

I have also spent some time developing skills in hypnosis and enjoy conducting hypnosis for its ability to leave people feeling relaxed and focussed. It supports the counselling work I do and gives clients an alternative to traditional talk-style therapy, and finds plenty of uses in various forms of treatment – anger management hypnotherapy, for one.

My clients are adults, whom I see either as individuals or couples. My counselling interests include (but are not exclusive to):

  • relationship advice
  • help with anxiety
  • depression treatment
  • stress (particularly work-related stress)
  • trauma
  • anger management hypnotherapy
  • addictions
  • interpersonal communication issues
  • strategies for coping with impacts associated with FIFO employment

My initial approach is to do a thorough assessment including enquiring of the client what are their goals with regard to counselling, whether it is for anger management in Perth or other issues. I then determine what approach will be most suitable to achieve the desired outcome. I generally try to give people practical strategies that they can use outside of our sessions.

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Perth Anger Management Hypnotherapy